con-song is a unique program performed and directed by Mary Arapoff. Ms. Arapoff had been inspired to combine icons with Russian sacred music. The program brings to us a unique combination of Russian Orthodox sacred music and Alexis Arapoff's icons, which unite Eastern and Western religious traditions. The music is a cappella sacred chant, choral pieces, folk, and devotional arias including composers Bortnianski, Chesnokov, Mussorgsky, Stepanov, and Tchaikovsky. Ms. Arapoff has very diverse repertoire which includes opera, oratorio, lieder, 20th century music and folk. Mary Arapoff is also a founder of Rublev Choir, a cappella group of the Department of Slavic and Eastern languages at Boston College. Arapoff assembled the choir out of students and faculty interested in religious and folk Russian music.  Now residing in Texas she has a new Russian choir.

Icon-song celebrates the power and radiance of God and brings Healing, Hope and Joy, says Mary Arapoff.

For more information please contact Mary Arapoff,

82 E. Victory Lake Drive, The Woodlands, TX 77384
tel: 936-321-6313

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